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What makes Music Together® different?

Research. Music Together was first offered to the public in 1987 and pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum. Today, classes are offered all over the world including a lab school in Princeton, New Jersey. Ongoing research at the lab school, as well as the research of others, continually informs Music Together’s work on program content and development, varied applications of the program, and teacher training. Everything we do in class has an educational purpose! 

What classes do you offer?

We have several different offerings for children of varying ages, from birth through 4 years old: Babies (under 9 months) and Mixed Ages (birth - 4 yrs). Rhythm Kids is our program for 5-12 year ols. Level 1 is 5-7, Level 2 is 8-12 or Mixed Level is both levels in one class.

How long are the classes and how long are the semesters?

All classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. We offer a 12-week fall semester, 10-week winter and spring semesters, and a 6-week summer session. Babies classes run for 10 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the winter and spring.

How much does the class cost?

Tuition varies for different programs and semesters (due to length), but always includes: your weekly classes with unlimited makeups, professional recordings to take home, a thoroughly delightful songbook with whimsical illustrations and all the words to the songs we sing in class, digital access to the exclusive Family Music Zone®, and a family guide to understanding music development in children. View our tuition information here.

What if I have to miss a class? 

We allow for unlimited make-ups (as space and class availability allows) as long as make-ups are scheduled during the current semester. Make-ups cannot be carried forward to future semesters. We ask that in the current situation you use a Zoom class to make up your class in the event of an illness. Please schedule your make-ups by texting Miss Brandi at (918) 695-8112 so that we are able to limit class size and so that we are able to let your teacher know to expect you.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be given after the first week of classes, except in extreme circumstances. If you would like to try a class before making a commitment, you are most welcome to try a free class at the beginning of a semester or dropping in to a regularly scheduled class by emailing or calling  Miss Brandi. If you decide to join us for the session, the drop-in fee will be applied to your tuition. (Just ask for the coupon code!)

Can I bring extra children to class?

We love visitors (when space allows)! Please feel free to invite your friends by contacting Miss Brandi at (918) 695-8112. It's always fun to make Music Together and-- you never know-- a drop-in class might just entice your friends to join us for the semester! If you have other children who would like to attend Music Together on school holidays, please contact us to schedule older sibling visits.

Can I bring adult visitors to class?

Grandparents and other special grown-ups in your child's life are always welcome. 

How many children are enrolled in each class?

There are typically 5 to 10 children per class.

What do we do in class?

30-45 minutes of singing, dancing, playing, and FUN will fly by before you know it. Each class consists of a carefully planned sequence of songs and chants, including the beloved "Hello Song" at the beginning of class, small movement, large movement, and the highly anticipated instrument jam with egg shakers, maracas, tambourines, castinets, bells, and more. The lullaby brings things to a lovely close each week, with Moms, Dads, Nannies, Grandmas, and Grandpas snuggling their children as we all sing quietly together. After our lullaby, we sing "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell" until we meet again the next week. Classes in our current situation maybe only 30 minutes with more content being available through videos.

Do you do the same songs every week?

Songs will be enjoyed several times over the course of the semester in order to develop concepts presented in previous weeks and allow families to experience the songs in different ways (with instruments, as large movement activities, as part-songs or rounds, etc.), but no two classes will be the same. Children in this age-group thrive with routine and love anticipating the snuggle of the lullaby right before the "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell" each week. 

My child won't sit still for 45 minutes!

We don't expect children to sit still! Children are welcome to learn in whatever style suits them best. For some, that means sitting and observing; for others, that means walking around; for others, that means doing what the grown-ups are doing. All of these styles are accepted and welcomed. It is common for children to be in receptive mode during class and then go home and re-enact activities that they did not appear to tune in for. Children at this critical stage of development are learning ALL THE TIME, whether they appear to us to be doing so or not! Only unsafe behaviors (running or full-body contact) will be discouraged and we will be social distancing through the pandemic.

Why mixed-age classes?

Child development researchers discovered that grouping children of different ages in one class encourages natural, family-style learning, so Music Together developed the Mixed-Age Music Class. In this class, each child participates at his or her own level: babies vocalize, listen, and observe; toddlers play and experiment; and preschoolers build confidence as they emerge as classroom leaders. This has the added benefit of taking age-specific expectations off of children as children of the same age are not necessarily at the same point in their musical development. And, while we love the social interactions that occur naturally between the children, our musical play activities emphasize the powerful connection between parent or caregiver and child rather than the social interactions between the children.

I'm not musical. How can I positively influence my child's music development?

You are your child's most important role model no matter what kind of singing voice or dancing feet you have (or think you have)! It is far less important how well you sing than it is to model making the choice to sing. By your example, children will learn that music is a natural, enjoyable and important part of their lives. You, the primary caregiver, are the only one who can give your child the gift of a positive disposition for making music. No CD can impart that! What your child loves and needs most is to hear your voice. Reading the Parent Guide, which you will receive the first time you register for a class, will also give you more information about how to provide developmental support as you musically interact with your child.

What happens after we complete a semester?

A different song collection is used each semester (there are twelve different song collections!) so when you re-enroll, you can look forward to expanding your repertoire with a variety of new songs and chants. The curriculum is designed so that families can continue classes for three years before revisiting a song collection. In three years, you and your child will learn over 375 songs! If you do continue in the program beyond three years (and we hope you will), your child will experience his or her first song collections in a brand new way. Read more about the Music Together Curriculum.

Can I buy a gift certificate? Yes! Gift Certificates for Eversong Music are always available for any amount! Perfect for any celebration: baby showers, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Please contact us at eversongmusiccenter@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing one. 

How do I make a payment?

Full tuition is due at the time of registration and all payment can be processed online. 

Please use 


 or Venmo @bcartwright1. If you wish to pay by cash or check please bring payment by our studio at 2806 N. Pecan St. Nacogdoches, Tx 75965, place it in the brass box by the door, and text us to let us know you've dropped a payment off.

I lost my CD or songbook. Can I order another one? Currently enrolled families in a Music Together class may order replacement or extra copies of song collection CDs or songbooks by calling (800) 728-2692 x300.

What is your sick policy? 

If you or your child are ill or have any communicable condition, please do not come to class until you/your child has been fever-free and has not vomited for at least 24 hours prior to class. While we'll miss you, we think it better if you stay home and recuperate fully.